EDAWC 2007

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November 25, 2014

EDAWC 2007

EDRS’ 1st Annual Eating Disorders Awareness Week Conference: 2007

The EDRS Community Comes Together to Provide Free Services:
Presentation and book-signing: Dr. Pam Carlton, from Stanford’s Lucille Packard Hospital, and author of: “Take Charge of Your Child’s Eating Disorder: A Physicians Step by Step Guide to Defeating Anorexia and Bulimia”

Workshop: Honoring the Recovery Journey. Ananda Institute: Irene Ives, PhD & Audrey Bell MFTI.Topics include: Appreciate progress rather than perfection; Curiosity with compassion; Trust self-others-and the journey; Self-esteem.

Michelle Minero, MFT: The Four Treasures of Recovery from Eating Disorders; and Najine Shariat, RD: Nutrition for Health. Classroom: Bertolini 131.

Panel Presentation: Complimentary and Alternative Approaches for Resolving Eating and Weight Issues. Topics: Medical risk factors and metabolic changes with chronic dieting, restricting, over-exercise or other eating disorder behaviors; Intuitive eating, nutritional needs and supplements; Integrative body work and movement therapy; Somatic (body-centered) psychotherapy and hypnotherapy; Family involvement ; Q&A. Presenters: Gary Nichols, MD, Eating Disorders Specialist; Barbara Birsinger, MPH, RD, Nutrition Therapist; Wil Formaker, MFT, Eating Disorder Therapist; Valerie Luoto, Rosen Practitioner; Beverley Benoit, MFT, Integrative Psychotherapist.

An evening of story telling, metaphor, and enactment.“Name your Hunger: Food as Metaphor for Inner Hungers,” presented by Michelle Minero, MFT.

One Woman Show: Singing My Song: reflections of my healing work from eating disorders and trauma to help encourage others along their journey to wholeness, with Lindsey Wert. You are invited to a night filled with truth, comedy, slide shows, art, drama, music, ritual, storytelling and the a hope for recovery from eating disorders and trauma. Be prepared for some difficult images and topics which include the emotional and true reality of those who suffer from eating disorders, self hatred and abuse. You will also see the healing. Through my story I pray to help others in pain realize healing is possible, and perhaps inspire others to look inside their heart to see their beauty and inner voice; the power within and the power of love.