Natalie Markadish, M.A., RYT200

Founder of Emotive Artist Technique, Depth Psychology Movement Specialist, Eating Disorder and Chemical Dependency Behavioral Health Counselor, Choreographer, Dance and Yoga Instructor, Active Storyteller and Connoisseur of Self-Love

Natalie is an experienced depth-oriented ‘movementrepreneur’. She fosters an integration of mind and body through a collaborative journey of performance artistry and Jungian-inspired art therapies. She subscribes to loving ourselves in our darkest spaces; embracing the strength of our shadows; and redirecting that negative energy toward a resilient, empowered Self. Her ‘heartwork’ encourages oneself to explore their relationship with their behavior. Through her careful guidance, she helps one view and better understand their unconscious intentions--for a more conscious, intentional, and nourishing life.

Natalie's diverse background reveals her multifaceted relationship with movement, therapy, performance and psychology. She has performed professionally in theater and dance companies; facilitated therapeutic groups within intensive and outpatient treatment programs; taught dance technique, choreography, and performance to students of all experiences and ages for over a decade; and, as a dance studio artistic director, designed curriculums and productions. She holds degrees in both dance and psychology and is a registered yoga teacher.

Natalie has developed her own restorative movement vocabulary combining her diverse training and job experiences. She invites your participation towards a healthier, happier, healing body and Self.