Rae Lawrence

Rae Lawrence is a Washington State native and currently lives in Richland, WA. She is the second oldest out of six children, all but one of who are adopted. Her biracial family has been a source of inspiration in Rae’s studies and goals. Having siblings from multiple ethnic backgrounds and genetic makeup has increased her awareness of the nature vs. nurture psychological debate and her love of psychology in general.

Rae completed both her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2009 and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Washington State University in May of 2013. She spent the 2014-2015 year in Chicago working in a Clinical Forensic Psychology Psy.D. program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology before transferring to her current location of Northwest University in Kirkland, WA to complete her Psy.D. degree with the anticipated graduation date of 2018.

Rae has battled a 10-year eating disorder, which began in her late teenage years. In 2013, after being in recovery for one year, she decided she wanted to help and make a difference to those struggling with the same disorder. She first made contact with EDRS when she attended their 2012 conference, and fell in love with everything about them. Rae began working with the board members as she created multiple fundraising events from 2013-2015, including The Great Scale Smash and a body positive challenge. All proceeds from these events have gone to EDRS to create scholarships to give to individuals who can’t afford treatment and to help support prevention efforts.

Awareness of Rae’s efforts and events have spread quickly of her cause in her home area of Eastern Washington. She has been invited to share her story and fundraising pursuits on news broadcasts, middle school assemblies, Rotary clubs, Kiwanis clubs, newspaper stories, and on the radio. In having the opportunity to share her story and talk to many others who had suffered with an eating disorder or who had watched a loved one battle this storm, she feels progress is being made about spreading awareness about eating disorders and acceptance, while reducing stigma.

Rae’s love of helping people keeps her recovery going strong. Having endured this side of Hell, she wants to be able to help others in their journey for peace. She feels strongly in wanting to help reduce and remove the negative stigma our society holds pertaining to mental disorders.