2017 Auction Items

EDRS would like to thank this year’s donors for their silent auction for the February 3rd and 4th event. Below are our awesome donors, where you can contact them, and some of the items that will be featured at the event. Please note that not all items for the auction are listed because donations are being collected. Not all of the donated Jewelry and art pieces are completed at this time. Some works of the artists will be shown here so you know what to look forward to.


Bridgit Lee $1,000 value: Mother and Daughter sculpture
Bridgit Lee $1,000 value: Goddess Love Sculpture

Bridgit has donated these as part of her 100 Goddess Project. This project is all about creating something beautiful for women. Bridgit’s wish is that that we may feel the ever-present echo of love in our lives. Each piece bears the message “You are loved.”

Bridgit Lee
Facebook: 100 Goddess Project


Victoria Webb, value $695.00: Photo package with prints

About Victoria: My name is Victoria Webb and I am a photographer in Petaluma, California. I have been capturing personal memories in Petaluma and Sonoma County since 1994. I have also completed assignments for local newspapers, magazines, corporations and realtors. My approach is relaxed, friendly and engaging. I have a keen ability to focus and connect with crying babies, distracted children, tense adults, and squirmy pets! My style is simple and elegant, developing the true and beautiful nature of each subject. I look forward to meeting you and having a fun and productive photography session together.

Victoria Webb
Studio: 211 Liberty Street
Petaluma, CA 94952


Lindsey Wert, MFT, value $1,500: Mandala-Inner Reflections on canvas
Lindsey Wert, MFT, value $150.00: Necklace and earring sets

Lindsey Wert is a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in eating disorder and trauma. She has created this piece of art to symbolize the inner process of recovery, transformation, and love. This piece is a representation of life, love, creativity and the power of owning your truth.

Lindsey Wert, MFT
5 Keller Street, Suite A #6
Petaluma, CA 94952


Billy Zeeman, value $250.00: Jewelry

My name is Billy Zeemann, and I am a metalsmith, jewelry designer, and mixed-media artisan, and with every piece of jewelry I make, I feel blessed to be creating for the incredible women who purchase, gift, and wear my work. I think of my customers as my friends; you are my people. Why? Because like you, I find I am often seeking a calm space in a world that sometimes moves a little too fast. I find that those drawn to my work are also drawn to the simple beauty found in natural forms.

I find inspiration not only in nature, but in symbolism, in the spirit of my gorgeous labradoodle, Tui, and in the people around me. Love fuels my work and my life. Much like you, I want to offer something back to the world. I want to bring joy, beauty, and kindness into everything I do. In my case, that’s through jewelry making. Jewelry is
incredibly personal. You wear it close to your skin, to your heart, and in each and every piece I make, I leave a little piece of my heart and soul.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web. Women all over the world have purchased my jewelry and for every share on social media and word-of-mouth recommendations, you are supporting a small, independent creative working to add a little beauty to the world.

Tel: 415-465-0323
P.O. Box 62,
Stinson Beach, CA 94970


Lagunitas Beer Package, $75.00 value: A Sip & Spill Package – 1 case of our signature IPA, 2 Custom Mason Jars to drink it out of, 1 T-Shirt to spill it on, PLUS 20 Coasters, 4 Posters, 20 Magnets, 1 Bottle Opener.

EDRS would also like to thank Lagunitas for donating six twenty-four packs of beer for our Gala.

Lagunitas Brewery
1280 N. McDowell Boulevard
Petaluma, Calif. 94954


Riccardi Design $200.00 value: Earrings, necklaces, rings and hair clips

We have been in business in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1978. We grow all of our flower and plant material at our studio gardens. We use over fifty varieties of native and garden flowers, grasses and herbs. After blooming, the flowers are pressed and dried, hand air-brushed, and hand designed to create original earrings, pins, bookmarks, barrettes, night lights, and designs in glass. Every piece is an original. There are no reproductions.

Ricciardi Design
PO BOX 1652
Mill Valley CA, 94942


Yogaone, $65.00 value: One month of unlimited yoga class

Deacon Carpenter
Santa Rosa
589 Mendocino Avenue


Red Dragon Yoga, $95.00 value: Yoga classes for hot yoga and power yoga

San Rafael
1701 Fourth St. San Rafael, CA 94901
Mill Valley
438 Miller Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941


Platypus Tours, $150.00 value: A gift certificate for 2 seats on our group join-in tour.

Our group join-in tour lasts about 6 hours and visits 4 wineries. We specialize in wineries that are small, boutique or family owned, and off the beaten path. Depending on where you are staying, the tour starts around 10:15 am, and lasts until about 5 pm. We include a picnic lunch at one of the wineries, chilled bottled water, and a cheese and cracker tray.

Platypus Tours Ltd.
Email: info@platypustours.com
Office: 707-253-2723
Fax: 707-736-4173


Korbel Winery, value $100.00: A wine tasting tour for 4 people

13250 River Road
Guerneville, CA 95446
Local: 707-824-7316
Email: info@korbel.com


Sonoma Portworks, $40.00 value: Choice of wines

Sonoma Portworks is the only winery in Sonoma County that specializes in ports and after-dinner wines, and one of only a handful in the entire state. As a pioneer in the industry, we like to discover what’s possible – whether that means using an unusual grape to make a port or creating unique flavor combinations in our after-dinner wines.

613 2nd Street
Petaluma CA 94952
Tel: 707-769-5203


Petaluma Pet Company, $25.00 value: Gift certificate

144 Petaluma Boulevard
Petaluma, CA 94952


Suzanne DeVeuve, value $200.00: Mystic art piece

About Suzanne: “To paint is to love again” a quote by Henry Miller, which has always moved me. It is a truth I live by literally. All the chaos and confusion in our daily lives can be quelled with the simple and profound act of presence. Creativity is a result of that presence. All my painting are stepping stones to my awakening awareness and the collective raising of consciousness. Especially in regards to the indigenous peoples of our planet, and the vast variety of animals, four-legged, creepy crawlers, winged ones and all the plans and trees that provide the oxygen for all of us. It is my intention that there works will feed and nurture our hearts and souls to have the strength and courage to love again and again, in joy and service of al life.

Suzanne DeVeuve
P.O.Box 367 Cazadero, CA 95421
Phone: (707) 847-3173



Dae Williams, $150.00 value: Self-Love care products

Call 707-364-8703

Michelle Minero Self-Love Basket, value $60.00: Includes Michelle’s book The Self-Love Diet the Only Diet that Works, candle, journal, lotion and homemade face scrub.

Michelle Minero, MFT
320 Western Avenue
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 762-4016



Ohh La Loft/California, value $300.00: Four bags filled with beautiful bravest, lotion, chocolate and make-up goods

Ooh La Loft
109 Petaluma Blvd N,
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 769-7787



Monique Aguerre, value $65.00: Unique and one of a kind leather mask (This mask is currently in the making and you can see her creations)

I have delighted in creating artwork since I was a small child. I made my first mask at the age of six, an owl crafted from papier mache. I went on to explore my imagination through drawing, painting, photography, and dance, and have incorporated those disciplines into my current focus on mask making and costume design. I became fascinated by mask making as a student in the Depth Psychology graduate program at Sonoma State University. I found that masks are powerful tools for exploring the inner world of the psyche. They have the magical ability to bring hidden aspects of the Self to the surface where they may be seen and acknowledged. At the same time, the mask hides the persona, the face that we normally show the world. This provides the unique experience of being temporarily free from the habits and expectations of that identity.

In 2005 I began experimenting with the technique of wet-forming leather, and was instantly captivated by the sculptural possibilities of the material. There really is nothing else quite like it! I love the process of transformation that the leather goes through as I work with it: softened by water, dried by air and heat, the shapes emerge in an alchemical dance. As I learn more about my inner world through this work I feel inspired to share the experience with others. It is my wish to teach the art of mask making as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the Self. Through creating my own masks, I wish to share beauty, wonder, and mystery with the world. monique@mythicamasks.com

As I learn more about my inner world through this work I feel inspired to share the experience with others. It is my wish to teach the art of mask making as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the Self. Through creating my own masks, I wish to share beauty, wonder, and mystery with the world. monique@mythicamasks.com



 Owner Pam from Renew Yoga, value $70.00: 5 Yoga class for 

35 Petaluma Blvd N
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 762-7760


Joe Kelly, Value $66.00: Book and Magazine Subscription to New Moon Girls 

Created by Girls! 

One year (6 issues) of the award-winning, girl created New Moon Girls magazine mailed to an address in the USA.

Plus, a one-year membership in NMG’s safe, creative & supportive Online Girl Community.


Value: $55.99



The Dads & Daughters® Togetherness Guide: 54 Fun Activities to Help Build a Great Relationship. By Joe Kelly

Dad-tested and daughter-approved activities to strengthen communication and instill joy.

Value: $11





Joe Kelly

Dads & Daughters®
85 Lakeshore Ct. Richmond, CA
94804 USA

Dads and Daughters®: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter
Yoga and Eating Disorders: Ancient Healing for a Modern Illness with Carolyn Costin
Pursuing Perfection: Eating Disorders, Body Myths and Women at Midlife and Beyond with Dr. Margo Maine
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a New Dad
Idiot’s Guide: Pregnancy for Dads
The Dads & Daughters® Togetherness Guide: 54 Fun Activities to Help Build a Great Relationship
Clean: A New Generation in Recovery Speaks Out with Chris Beckman


Jane Patterson Work, value $75.00:  Homemade hats and head warmers 


Katie Haas, Value $225.00: Into the Future painting made with acrylic and collage 

Katie Haas
Email:  katie@katiehaasartstudio.com
Cell: 707-688-5700


Chrystal Sunshine, Value $630.00: Title: Tourmaline Wings made from Sterling Silver, Copper, Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) 

This is a one-of-a-kind, artisan, hand-crafted necklace made by Chrystal Sunshine. The piece is a chasing and repoussé formed angels wings that feature a faceted blue tourmaline centerpiece and are surrounded by a unique handmade chain and s-hook clasp. Each part of this piece was constructed by the artist, by hand, using ancient metal smithing techniques. Natural oxidation of the copper and silver will occur.

About the process:
Chasing and repoussé is a  metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped, by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief. The metal is annealed (softened with heat), placed in warmed pitch (natural tree resin) and hammered using a variety of punches and hand tools.

About Blue Tourmaline/Indicolite:
Blue Tourmaline is often used to enhance communication by enabling you to speak honestly and through the heart. It is a stone of compassion, and helps one to be more open-minded. Blue Tourmaline can open up communication with higher realms, and helps one find the cause of illness. By concentrating on the Third Eye, Blue Tourmaline can increase perception, intuition and psychic abilities. Like all Tourmalines, Blue Tourmaline is a metaphysically protective stone which is said to balance and harmonize the chakras. Physically, Blue Tourmaline eases insomnia and helps relieve problems associated with the eyes, throat, larynx, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands. It can also balance fluid in the body and eases bladder and kidney ailments.

*My hope is to create wearable works of art that serve the wearer as fashion accoutrements and also as objects of personal power. I hope this piece can connect its wearer to their own power of clarity, voice, strength, and light.* 

Chrystal Sunshine


Nan Winters, Value $55.00 Silver bracelet

Nan Winters
Phone: (707) 778-0163
Address: 23 4th St
Petaluma, California 94952


Christina Kauk, Value $75.00: P.O.S.T. – Wellness by Design Yoga Classes
We’re an integrated group of healthcare practitioners, offering manual orthopaedic physical therapy, certified hand therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and a full schedule of yoga, tai chi, pilates, and dance.
Christina Kauk, co-owner
P.O.S.T.-Wellness by Design
ph: 707-762-7678 ??fax: 707-762-7679
Robindra Unsworth, Value $130.00: Stone Necklace 
ROBINDIRA UNSWORTH is a Northern Californian dreamer and designer who creates unique, exotic handmade jewelry at her studio in Petaluma, California. Deeply inspired, Robindira’s designs make women feel beautiful and powerful.

Created for women that prize naturally glamorous beauty, Robindira’s elegant and very wearable seasonal jewelry collections are a subtle mix of textures, fine details and beautiful gemstones.

Robindira’s passion for design and fashion began at an early age, when she would spend her afternoons in her mother’s atelier in San Francisco sorting buttons, color coordinating her mother’s vast collection of fabrics, and exploring her vast jewelry collection. She began to dream of the day when she too would sparkle…

While not in her design studio or curating her store in Petaluma, California, Robindira can be found planting in her garden with her daughter India, or relaxing with her husband under their ancient wisteria vine.

415.939.4998 (p)

115 Petaluma Blvd. N
Petaluma, CA 94952
707-773-3147 (p)
707-773-7844 (f)

Monday-Saturday, 11am to 6pm
Sunday, 11am to 5pm


Tami Riddle Bender Family, Value $60.00: Gold and Silver Candle Gift basket


Petaluma Health Care District Staff, Value, $40.00: Art, tea, candle, coloring and care basket 



We want to thank Paula Moutlon for her contribution wine! Paula is donating Merlot, and Bordeaux Blends that has been gathered over a five year span. The wine was made for her late husband and is called Midnight Moulton, her husbands nickname, because he always made rounds on his orthopedic patients at midnight. He had endless energy and was so loved in Santa Rosa that they flew the flags at half mast (15,000 patients) after he was killed in a car accident on 116. This wine honors him.